Business Process Management — Team Effort And Organizational Profitability

    Think about some questions we’ll ask you as we assess how to best help your enterprise:

    1. What key issues, challenges, or pain is your enterprise facing in the next 18-36 months?
    2. What role do you seeperformance enhancement through systemic transformation playing in meeting these issues, challenges, or pain?
    3. What opportunities and benefits do you see as a result of undertakinga customer service and total quality management-focused performance enhancement journey? What will be better?
    4. What possible barriers to success do you see for your enterprise?
    5. What’s your experience with service quality or performance enhancement efforts?
    6. What are your strategic priorities, imperatives, and/or goals?
    7. What are your enterprise’s statement of purpose, values, and vision of its preferred future? How does your enterprise signal commitment to these?
    8. How does your enterprise describe its culture? What do your external customers say?
    9. How does your enterprise listen quantitatively and qualitatively to voice of its external customers? To that of its internal customers (employees and partners)?
    10. How do you describe the degree and trend of team effort/teamwork at your enterprise?
    11. What does your enterprise measure? Why? How?
    12. What does your enterprise reward or incent? Why? How?
    13. What does your enterprise celebrate? Why? How?
    14. Whatbusiness process management activities are under way in your enterprise to identify enterprise processes, their true capabilities, and performance enhancement opportunities?
    15. How does your enterprise ensure a seamless structure and flow of work, information, products, services, and customers across your enterprise?
    16. How does your enterprise identify and fix misaligned or dysfunctional processes/systems?
    17. What are your external customers willing to believe about your product, service, brand, enterprise identity, and performance (promise made versus promise kept)?
    18. What attributes are important to your external customers when they assess their perception of quality and value in selecting, working with, and retaining a partnership with your enterprise?
    19. How do you pinpoint and manage gaps in perception and performance?
    20. How do your internal and external customers have direct input to your strategic enterprise plans and your products, services, extensions?
    21. How do market share,customer loyalty, retention, andbrand equity affect organizational profitability in your enterprise?
    22. How does your enterprise uncover latent/unmet needs/expectations of value to your external customers?
    23. To what extent are your leaders making your enterprise into their own image or some other image?
    24. What skill, competency, and knowledge enhancement is underway in your enterprise? Why?
    25. How does your enterprise balance “hard” analytical management systems and changing technical and technological tools with “soft” human leadership issues?
    26. How does business process management support team effort and organizational profitability?
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       Business process management - team effort and organizational profitability. LX Consultants: USA, Massachusetts, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, Denver, Florida, Las Vegas, Paris, LA.          Business process management drives continuous performance enhancement, team effort, and organizational profitability. So, what smart questions do you need to answer to achieve Systemic Transformation? LX Consultants: Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, USA.