Career Development And Leadership Management Training: Train The Business Mentor

    A key competency at every enterprise level is leadership. Focusing leadership development on leadership management training and your enterprise to train the business mentors develops the future leaders of the world.Career Development is a leadership management training and development strategy for enterprises concerned about meaningfully communicating with individual employees about their careers. Employees want to know what career opportunities the future holds for them and how they can get there. Managers want to know the strength of their employees' skill base and want to train the business mentor. A Career Development process meets both requirements by identifying position and employee skills and competency. This process also clarifies training and development needed to help employees progress along career paths.


    Your Career Development process must:

    •   Identify position skills and competency needed to meet enterprise operational objectives
    •   Retain valuable employees, since they use their skills in an optimal manner
    •   Develop a more flexible workforce in control of their learning and careers
    •   Allow and convince employees there is a planned process and that they do have control and   responsibility
    •   Ensure your employees can effectively deal with changing technology and enterprise practices
    •   Develop a more highly skilled workforce - train the business mentor through leadership management   training
    •   Measure skill improvement and development
    •   Focus enterprise training by identifying skill development needs
    •   Ensure enterprise succession planning is based on skills and competencies, rather than just “gut feel”
    •   Target hiring decisions and practices
    •   Be fair and be perceived to be fair


    You benefit because your managers and employees know exactly what’s required of them, not only in their current positions, but also in future positions they may hold. Your employees understand their strengths and weaknesses, and know what they must do to increase their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. You benefit by having employees who are appropriately skilled and able to assume more responsible positions in the future. Overall, you benefit from improved employee performance, confidence, and morale – which affect enterprise performance, success, and profitability.

    You benefit by focusing your recruiting strategies to acquire people with pre-defined skills. Your leadership management training initiatives are focused on true skill development, thereby maximizing benefits from your training budget. You know exactly what cross-training you need, thereby ensuring adequate back-up and support in all areas. You nurture, grow, andtrain the business mentors in your enterprise according to a visible career development strategy.

    Your workforce is more skilled, more flexible, and can work in various areas. Succession planning and manpower planning are objective and done in a rational manner. They are based on true skills, competencies, and potential.

    You get a Career Development process linked directly to your enterprise strategic plan. It also incorporates individual work unit objectives. Performance appraisal and career development discussions are focused and objective. Leadership management training and development initiatives are aligned with longer-term human resource plans. Candidates for key positions are identified, making it easier to have the right people in the right job at the right time. Succession planning works!


    Focus groups made up of your staff decide what skills are needed in each position. The groups rank the skills in order of their importance. And, they identifycompetency levels to which the skills must be performed.

    Managers individually meet with their employees to discuss and agree on the employee’s skills and related competency levels. You then compare position and employee skills and competencies. This process gives you a tool to identify possible leadership management training and development needs as you aim totrain the business mentors in your enterprise.

    Managers and employees agree on potential future career moves (where the employee can logically move to) and identify those positions which normally precede their present position. Additionally, managers and employees jointly identify other skills employees demonstrate which are not needed in their current assignment. Combining all this information creates a typical career path for each employee. This is leadership management training to train the business mentors in your enterprise.

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       career development and leadership management training: train the business mentor. LX Consultants: Canada, USA, Europe, Florida, New Jersey, Connecticut, Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver, Toronto.          A key competency at every level is leadership; focusing career development on leadership management training and your enterprise to train the business mentors develops the future leaders of the world. LX Consultants: Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver, Florida.