Anonline dictionary integrated with leadership styles and skills analysis supports executive coaching for a comprehensive competencies program keeping search and knowledge management information solution open. Moving forward into the 21st century, we continue to see significantorganizational leadership challenges and opportunities for enterprises and individual employees. Enterprises must still engage, develop, and retain highly capable, experienced, and well-qualified people to meet the business, technical, and performance issues presented by their clients. At the same time, they must meet their strategic objectives and priorities. In short, we all continue to be concerned with having the right people with the right skills in the rightjobs at the right time to satisfy customer needs and expectations. This calls for continuousleadership skills analysis, monitoring and executive coaching.

The goal of leadership competency profiling is to identify and define the key skill sets/clusters, knowledge components, experiences, and attributes required in a job/position. Those same items, including developmental interventions, must be identified in individual employees so appropriate matching can take place to meet strategic and tactical goals. This is true whether you're talking about leadership at the executive, team, or individual contributor level.

The key steps in leadership competency profiling are:

   1. Skills Listing


   2. Skills Dictionary

     behaviorally-anchored, 7-point scale definitions and importance/competence      rankings

   3. Position Clusters/Job        Families

     up to 12 crucial skills and attendant rankings for each cluster/family

   4. Moves (Learning        Strategy)      to, from, or possible for broadening opportunities in context of      operational/quality objectives, and consistent with your enterprise
     learning strategy
   5. Training Scan

     assess learning objectives of available training and/or identify what must be      built

   6. Employee Skills
      (a) Current Job
      (b) Resume

     (a) up to 12 skills in current job with competence ranking
     (b) up  to 12 non-related/current unused skills with competence ranking

   7. Gap Analysis

     compare #6(a) with #3 to determine training needs
     and/or broadening opportunities

   8. Planning/Deployment

     plan for training and/or broadening; use #4, #5, and #6(b)

   9. Skill Matches

     manual or computerized skill/resource to job/project
     requirement match-making

 10. Evergreening

     monitor/measure/update process and results; keep current   
     and fresh

Enterprises and individuals must meet the demands of skill and competency required for a leader to effectively deal with the issues of the complex global marketplace. We must effectively determine areas of required focus to ensurefuture leaders are adequately prepared to meet those present and upcoming challenges. Similarly, position competency requirements must be clearly articulated and made available in an online dictionary. Most importantly, we are challenged to develop a cross-functional approach that will foster forward thinking, continuous learning, and growth capabilities.

This required focus and development of potential future leaders must be assured. And, it must be tied to a known enterprise vision. LX Consulting recommends competency profiling and ensuing developmental interventions be focused on theenterprise’s performance measurement process or Corporate Scorecard®. It is a means of translating strategy and vision into an integrated framework for a number of critical management and leadership processes, coordinating them into an operational focus. And, underpinning measurement and competency profiling are the inherent values of the enterprise.

Balancing leadership skills analysis, competency profiling, and ensuing executive coaching developmental interventions in the context of measurement, vision, and values lets you cluster competency requirements under appropriate Corporate Scorecard? drivers-financial, operational, and quality. These can then be directly translated into elements of acomprehensive competencies program including your career development, succession planning, and performance management processes.

The key steps, and any consulting engagement, are deceptively simple yet consistent with our open system approach. You may have some or all the elements in existence; you may need an integrated framework. You may want some or a lot of external help.

Consulting services for International Business: Leadership Competency Profiling. is dedicated to working with you from the elements you already have toLeadership Competency Profiling that works for you.

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   An online dictionary integrated with leadership skills analysis supports executive coaching for a comprehensive competencies program keeping search and knowledge management information solution open. LX Consultants: London, New York, Tokyo, Toronto, Paris.          LX Consultants: North America, London, New York, Tokyo, Toronto, Paris, Miami, Houston, Washington, Boston.