Executive Coaching: Transformational Leadership And Organizational Leadership Training

    At a glance, personal and enterprise transformational leadership and organizational leadership training takes executive coaching and is driven by you, the personal executive, as well as your enterprise executive team.

    •   Why are some leaders able to accomplish more than others?
    •   Why do some employees accomplish more than they dreamed possible?
    •   What inspires some people to go beyond the call of duty?

    Transformational leadership provides answers! Transformational leadership has consistently demonstrated certain leader behaviors shape follower actions. Phenomenal enterprise, operational, and personal performance results occur — Organizational Leadership thrives!

    Transformational leadership consists of clearly defined, measurable, visible behaviors — those we can contrast to ineffective leadership actions. Indeed, transformational leadership exists at every level of an enterprise. We use the word ‘team member’ to encompass all the individuals a ‘leader’ can influence. It’s important to understand transformational leadership builds upon good management skills and presumes managerial competence. Executive coaching in its broadest sense drives transformational leadership and organizational leadership training.

    Charisma is a critical element of transformational leadership. And, it can be taught! We have proven a leader who consistently demonstrates charismatic behavior—i.e., clear vision and purpose—is a leader who consistently and unswervingly emphasizes what is important and what can never be forsaken, regardless of how tough the situation. Equally important is Intellectual Stimulation, the ability to get people to think on their own, to see old problems in new ways, and to engage in problem-solving aligned with your enterprise’s goals. Additionally, a transformational leader strives to show Individual Consideration for people. This means the transformational leader consistently shows concern for an individual’s personal and performance issues. This translates into greater loyalty and trust in an enterprise.

    CHARISMA: Living Your Ideals Inspiring Others

    In executive coaching, the Charisma model is a strong and useful tool to help you become a transformational leader.

    “Charismatic transformational leadership…involves establishing one’s beliefs and values and being consistent with them; determining the course for change in the future and articulating it as a vision; stimulating co-workers and oneself to challenge traditional ways of thinking and developing oneself and others to the highest level of potential.”

    B. J. Avolio
    Leadership Researcher and Author

    Critical Behaviors in the Charisma Model

    •   Articulate a compelling vision of the future.
    •   Talk optimistically and enthusiastically about the future.
    •   Build emotional attachment between work and a higher-level purpose.
    •   Talk often about most important values and beliefs.

    What is Charisma?

    “Leaders develop leaders.”

    Peter Benton

    Common behaviors that describe Charismatic organizational leadership:

    •   Creates vision, passion, and energy
    •   Sets an example for others to strive for
    •   Behaves consistently and reliably
    •   Believes in people, encouraging them to step up to responsibility
    •   Thinks ahead to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities
    •   Expresses dedication to team members
    •   Exhibits unwavering conviction, confidence, and action – even in crises
    •   Believes in the future
    •   Spends most time focusing on the future, rather than the present
    •   Talks about the big picture; instils hope and confidence
    •   Motivates and inspires people to work hard and take on new challenges
    •   Talks about what is important
    •   Interprets outside events for people
    •   Is values-driven; acts in others’ interests, not self-interest
    •   Inspires people to play as a team working on a shared mission
    •   Talks optimistically to people about future-oriented tactics and strategy
    •   Models transformational leadership and organizational leadership behaviors and actions


    In executive coaching, the Individualized Consideration model is a strong and useful tool to help you become a transformational leader.

    “Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”

    Theodore Roosevelt
    An American President

    Critical Behaviors in the Individualized Consideration Model

    •   Spend focused time in one-on-one communication to understand team members as unique   individuals.
    •   Pay close attention to differences among team members and give special attention to their unique   concerns.
    •   Show genuine follow through in tailored development, teaching, and coaching of your team members.

    What is Individualized Consideration?

    “…this new transformed human organization must be the blueprint for the future…this emerging paradigm requires a simple change: value the employee for their own personal growth, rather than as a tool for increasing profitability….”

    R. Ostenberg
    Leadership Author

    Common behaviors that describe Individualized Consideration organizational leadership:

    •   Cares about the development of others; provides or orchestrates instruction
    •   Sets an example for others to strive for; is consistent and reliable
    •   Spends time with team members and catches people doing things right
    •   Believes in people; helps others develop to their fullest potential
    •   Delegates challenging tasks; matches team member’s developmental needs
    •   Knows team members’ names; spends time to know them as unique individuals
    •   Treats team members as individuals, not just members of a group
    •   Knows long-term goals of team members; helps them achieve these goals
    •   Shows concern for team member development, for the individuals’ rather than the organization’s   sake
    •   Acts as trusted advisor to team members
    •   Shows genuine concern for well-being of team members
    •   Teaches people the requirements of theirjobs; makes sure new skills are honed through constant   practice
    •   Provides constant, high-quality, specific feedback on performance
    •   Identifies potentialtransformational and organizational leaders; skilfully nurtures their growth and   development
    •   Drives unique and individualized transformational leadership and organizational leadership training   events

    INTELLECTUAL STIMULATION: Releasing Creativity

    “As soon as everyone is on the bandwagon with one growth idea, a leader should be working on the next one.”

    Roger Enrico
    Vice-Chairman, PepsiCo

    In executive coaching, the Intellectual Stimulation model is a strong and useful tool to help you become a transformational leader.

    Critical Behaviors in the Intellectual Stimulation Model

    •   Foster team member creativity/curiosity to see new ways of looking at old problems or methods
    •   Encourage team members to think through their own problems
    •   Promote unique, rational perspectives from team members

    What Is Intellectual Stimulation?

    “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t - you are right.”

    Henry Ford
    Entrepreneur and Car Manufacturer

    Intellectual Stimulation refers to your ability to generate and leverage the intellectual capital of others. It is derived from your ability to encourage new ways of problem solving and thinking. Leaders encourage non-traditional thinking to deal with traditional problems and situations; they question assumptions and help others learn from mistakes.

    Common behaviors that describe Intellectually Stimulating organizational leadership:

    •   Creates intellectual energy, passion, and stimulation
    •   Sets an example for others to strive for; is consistent and reliable
    •   Expresses confidence in others’ ability for creative problem solving
    •   Believes in innovative collective thinking and problem solving
    •   Promotes fact-based reasoning rather than unsupported thinking
    •   Encourages communication, sharing, and building on each others’ ideas
    •   Inspires curiosity
    •   Encourages reasoning before taking action
    •   Encourages learning through thoughtful experimentation
    •   Forces people to rethink their own ideas
    •   Increases awareness of existence of problems and how they might be solved

    At , we strive to collaborate with clients and colleagues to nurture and grow transformational and organizational leaders. Executive coaching through individual coaching and development drives individualized transformational leadership and organizational leadership training results! Come partner with us.

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